Race Teams Know PurePower! Filters Are The Best Choice

PurePower! filters are the choice of race teams because they perform a vital function - keeping the engine oil clean.

When your race car's engine performance depends on consistently clean oil, it's critical to use the best filter money can buy: PurePower! 2.0 Lifetime Filters.


Our Quality Can't Be Beat

Double-woven 304 stainless steel filter media. Neodymium rare earth magnets that capture any metal particles. Stainless steel bypass valve and spring. CNC machined 6061T-6 aluminum canister. Viton® O-rings.

Every component in a PurePower! 2.0 filter is made from the best materials available and are warrantied for life.

Stop Wasting Money On Throwaway Filters

Whether you're changing your race car's oil after every run or every weekend, you're throwing away good money on disposable filters. Not only does a PurePower! filter ensure optimal engine performance, but it'll save you money and last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Dirty used oil filters
Stop Throwing Away Money

Don't Take Our Word For It - See What Real Racing Teams Have To Say!


Dan Stevenson of Bolingbrook, IL, is the President and CEO of Stevenson Sales & Service, a crane and heavy equipment supplier. Dan races in ADRL Extreme Pro Stock and Pro Nitrous. “Changing to PurePower! definitely made a difference. More miles per hour means more high gear horsepower. All I did was change to PurePower! oil and filters.”


Ron Miller, Lebanon, OH, is a Master Engine Builder and longtime racing veteran who runs ADRL Extreme Pro Stock. Ron Miller Racing uses and recommends PurePower! lubes and filters to all of his customers. "After a long seriously competitive season is over and we tear down the engine, it looks like the engine has been stored in the garage. There is no better protection than PurePower! oil and filters. It is cheap insurance."


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Scott Kelley, NHRA All Motor National Record Holder, has been affiliated with TRD & Scion Racing. Scott said, "Thanks for the best oil on the planet! It allowed me to set world records and win the championship."