Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you send me the wrong part?

If we sent the wrong part, we'll make it right. Contact us for return instructions.

What happens if I order the wrong part?

As long as it is new, in the original packaging, and within 30 days we will work with you to correct the mistake (but may require additional fees).

How long does it take for a filter to arrive at my door?

Normally within 3-5 business days for UPS Ground unless express shipping is requested (which will incur additional shipping fees).

What if the part is broken or damaged during shipping?

Contact us right away. We will work with you to make it right.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes. Please note that shipping costs are calculated based on final destination, and PurePower! LLC is not responsible for any international duties or taxes.

Do you offer express/expedited shipping?

Yes, for an additional fee.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We ship via UPS.

Can I track my package?

Yes, you will receive tracking information when your order ships.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

How do you protect my credit card information?

Online orders are encrypted, and we follow PCI compliant processes.

What do I do if I need to cancel my order?

Call us ASAP and we'll try to cancel the order before it's been fully processed.

Do I need to have an account to order a part?

No, you can make your order as a guest.

Do you offer a warranty?

We do offer a limited lifetime warranty.

What if I want to talk to a real person about my order?

Give us a call at 1-800-750-0827 during normal business hours.

What are your customer service hours?

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. PST

Do you ever offer coupons or discounts?

Yes, we do. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of deals.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, sales tax will be added to your order.

Will this filter void my warranty?

According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the warranty cannot be voided if work is performed by someone other than the dealer or if aftermarket parts are installed.

Does PurePower! make a filter to fit my vehicle?

PurePower! manufactures more direct OEM filter replacements than any other manufacturer of cleanable filters. There are applications covering all types of engines: gasoline, diesel, and all alternative fuels for use on domestic and foreign autos, pickups, heavy-duty trucks, racing, buses, off-road, RVs, motorcycles, generators, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, industrial, military, mining equipment, even aircraft. PurePower! filters come in all types: spin-on, drop-in cartridge, inline and remotes for oil, fuel, and transmission filters. If you have trouble finding the right filter for your vehicle, contact us.

How do you clean this filter?

Check out our complete Cleaning Instructions.

How often do I clean this filter?

We recommend cleaning the filter after the first 1,000 miles. After the first cleaning, we recommended you follow the manufacturer's recommended oil change interval.

Does this filter increase the oil flow?

Yes, by two to three times

Does the filter increase horsepower?

Yes, we have seen results both from testing and feedback from customers.

Does this filter increase fuel economy?

Yes, we have seen increased fuel economy both from testing and feedback from customers.

How does this filter extend oil change intervals?

The oil is now being filtered more effectively and kept cleaner longer. Providing you use an API licensed motor oil with a complete additive package, the oil should remain cleaner longer without removing working ingredients from the additive package.

What kind of oil should I use?

Any API licensed motor oil you choose!

Do I need any special tools to install this filter?

No special tools are needed. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY. When you feel the filter start to snug, turn only 3/4 to one full turn. Over tightening can flatten the o-rings and compromise the sealing ability resulting in leakage.

Why do you call this a lifetime filter?

PurePower! lifetime filters have been used for years in commercial and government fleets, some for more than 12,000,000 trouble-free miles. Many times, a single filter can be used on multiple vehicles.

Where are PurePower! lifetime filters made?

We manufacture our filters in the United States using certified materials.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, replacement parts are available for purchase.

Can I use my filter on my next vehicle?

Often, filters will fit on multiple vehicles. If the thread bushing is different, we will replace the base at a discounted price.

How are PurePower! lifetime filters environmentally responsible?

You don't ever need to throw away a PurePower! filter. Plus, they reduce fuel consumption, reduce the number of oil changes per year, reduce used oil disposal and charges, reduce toxic disposal of used oil filters, reduce storage and disposal costs of used filters, reduce emissions, reduce toxic pollution of our landfills, lakes, and rivers, and more.