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Here's What Customers Have To Say About Pure Power! Filters

Mark R Pure Power! Testimonial

"I have been very happy with the Pure Power filter on my ’69 Bumble Bee Camaro. I only use the best products on my car and have won over 57 awards and trophies with it. It has been on 3 episodes of Top Gear and Tanner Faust drove it."

— Mark Restivo

David H Pure Power! Testimonial

"There’s no chance that I’m going to use anything but a Pure Power! filter on anything I own. Period!"

— David Hanson

Michael K Pure Power! Testimonial

"I love the clean ability of the filters. The quality makes the purchase price worth it. Well worth the money! Thanks for a superior product!"

— Michael Konnick Jr.

Scott C Pure Power! Testimonial

"Thank you for making a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone with a classic hot rod, muscle car or any engine they want to protect. I particularly like how your oil filter filters 100% of the engine oil through the filter, unlike conventional filters. It’s important to me that the filters are made here in the U.S.A. and I don’t mind paying a little more to buy from the originator. Two thumbs way up!"

— Scott Carpenter

"Great product. A great investment and a great tool for any race car. I highly recommend Pure Power! filters."

— Andy Mira

Stephen S Pure Power! Testimonial

"Let me tell you what an amazing product-- the oil pressure gauge is rock solid on 60 psi which with factory filters was 55 psi, the throttle response is amazing, pulls really good on hills, and mpg increase of 1.1. The filters are really designed well and do a great job-- well worth the money!"

— Stephen Smallpiece
ERB Trucking

Frank W Pure Power! Testimonial

"I love the oil filter, I am telling everyone about it and giving them your website. Having the best high performance motorcycle accessories on my motorcycle is very important to me and that is why I have a Pure Power Oil filter on my motorcycle. It is the best on the market!"

— Frank Walters

David J Pure Power! Testimonial

"Pure Power works great. Quicker revs, easier starts and about 4-5 lbs. of oil pressure increase. The filter will pay for itself over time and I won’t need to be throwing out any more used filters in the trash. Great product and outstanding quality."

— David Jones

Frank F Pure Power! Testimonial

"I have the Pure Power oil, fuel and transmission filters on my Duramax truck. I picked up 2-3 mpg and my truck has more power!"

— Frank Feikema

Bill T Pure Power! Testimonial

"I purchased a filter from you this past winter. I can’t say enough about the design, quality and workmanship. It is excellent. The filter is being used on my Corvette and I brag about it at every opportunity. THANK YOU."

— Bill Thompson

William W Pure Power! Testimonial

"We have Pure Power filters on our trucks, ATV’s and tractors. After installing the Pure Power filter on my TL-80A farm tractor, it started faster and runs much quieter. Many Thanks!"

— William Woods

"I have used your filters on my last three vehicles it has saved me a ton of money thank you for continuing to make an awesome product."

— Tim Scott