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What Goes Into Every PurePower! 2.0 Filter

When PurePower! offered our first lifetime filter in 2008, we changed the industry.

Now, in 2019, we're doing it again. We've taken the best lifetime filter on the market and made it better, with improvements in materials and construction methods.

Introducing PurePower! 2.0.

PurePower 2.0 Filter
Stainless steel filter media

Double-Woven 304 Stainless Steel Filter Media

Most filters use fiberglass and/or cellulose filter media. While these materials are cheap, they clog quickly and don't filter uniformly.

All PurePower! filters use double woven 304 stainless steel mesh as filter media.

Neodymium magnets capture metal particles

Neodymium Magnets To Capture Metal Particles

During normal wear and tear, small metallic particles will end up in your engine oil. Most of the particles are too small for filters to "catch," which is why every PurePower! oil filter includes powerful Neodymium magnets.

Viton® O-Rings

Viton® O-Rings For Maximum Durability

The o-ring gasket on your PurePower! filter needs to seal perfectly, withstand high temperatures, oxidation, and years of use.

All our fiters use Viton® o-rings. While too expensive for most disposable filters, it's the best material available.

CNC Machine 6061-T6 Aluminum

CNC Machined 6061T-6 Aluminum Components

To ensure our filters last a lifetime, we use 6061-T6 aluminum in the filter housing and bypass valve housing. This material is strong and corrosion resistant, and gives our filters extraordinary burst strength.

When polished, our machined 6061-T6 filters also look great.

Stainless steel bypass valve and spring

Premium Stainless Steel Bypass Valve and Spring

The bypass valve ensures uninterrupted oil flow, making it a key component of every filter.

While PurePower! filters flow more oil than disposable filters - and therefore utilize the bypass valve much less than disposables - we use a stainless steel ball valve and spring for maximum durability.


PurePower! Filters Are Manufactured In The USA

When it comes to manufacturing quality, you want a product that's made in the USA.

All PurePower! filters are made in the USA to meet all OEM standards for filtration ability and efficiency.