PurePower! Filters Are Available For Industrial Applications

PurePower! filters are available for all kinds of engines, including engines that service industry.

  • PurePower! filters are cleanable, re-usable, and rugged - they're perfect for engines that run constantly
  • Our filters are available in a variety of sizes, and our engineers are available to help size a filter to your specific needs

To learn more about our industrial filters, please contact us.

Industrial engine filters are available
Industrial engine filters are available

PurePower! Filters Are Built To Last

Stainless steel filter media

All PurePower! filters are made with double woven stainless steel, which is wrapped in a hand-welded stainless steel cage, and then encased in a CNC machined 6061 aluminum housing. We machine the adapter plate and threading to very high tolerances, and then use Viton O-Rings to ensure a leak-proof seal.

PurePower! Filters Aren't A Waste Of Resources

Used oil filters are wasteful

PurePower! filters reduce operating costs and hazardous waste. Instead of replacing a filter, our filter can be disassembled and cleaned before returning to service.

The cleaning solution breaks down the engine fluids, so disposal is easy. And with our cleaning kit, it only takes a few minutes to clean a PurePower! filter and put it back into service.

PurePower! Filters Are Made In The USA


PurePower! filters are made in the USA for one reason: Quality.

A filter for an industrial engine isn't some simple piece of equipment we can have made in China or Mexico - it's crucial to the health of your engine. So, we manufacture PurePower! filters in the USA where we can guarantee quality.