Lifetime Oil Filters For The Porsche 911

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a great car for many reasons. One of those reasons is the engine. The flat-six engine in the Porsche 911 is:

  • Air cooled
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Well balanced due to it’s horizontally opposed layout

This engine and it’s variants have been in production since 1963.

If you own a Porsche 911, you’re driving with a superior engine. There’s a reason the Porsche 911 has been running on the flat-six engine for almost 60 years. The engine is so reliable, powerful, and well-engineered.

One of the best ways to take care of your Porsche 911’s engine is to upgrade to a reusable oil filter. A high quality lifetime filter will:

What Is A Reusable Oil Filter?

A reusable oil filter looks and works like a regular oil filter, but it’s reusable. You can call a reusable oil filter a lifetime oil filter, too.

A reusable oil filter is made with much more durable materials that can be cleaned and used over and over again. In a high quality reusable oil filter, you’d find:

A reusable oil filter means you don’t have to constantly buy a new filter every time you change your oil. You keep one high quality reusable oil filter and just change your car’s oil whenever it needs it.

Why A Reusable Oil Filter Is A Great Investment For Porsche 911 Owners

The Porsche 911 engine is a top-of-the-line engine that’s built very well. Yet, just like any other engine, dirty oil can kill it. If you own a Porsche 911, the best thing you could do is take care of its engine. That involves keeping the oil clean at all times. A great way to do that is to install a high quality lifetime oil filter.

How A Reusable Oil Filter Can Extend Your Engine’s Lifespan

A new Porsche 911 engine runs like a champ. But how long will that last?

When oil becomes dirty or breaks down, engine components start having a harder time functioning as they should. Dirty oil also begins to damage those components over time. You can’t rely on disposable oil filters to keep your motor oil clean until the next oil change.

Disposable oil filters are designed with short use spans in mind and aren’t good for engines over time. Some disposable oil filters clog up pretty fast. When that happens, the filter sends dirty oil to your engine. That dirty oil will damage your engine or otherwise shorten its lifespan.

When you install a high quality lifetime oil filter, you’ll have the peace of mind that your oil will remain clean until the next oil change. It’ll keep your engine running as strong as possible, too.

Reusable Oil Filters Help Improve Your Engine’s Performance

The cleaner the oil running through your engine, the better the engine’s performance. A reusable oil filter will ensure that your engine is always running on clean oil. You don’t get that same guarantee with disposable oil filters.

Reusable Oil Filters Are Great For The Environment

Reusable oil filters are not only cost effective, but they’re also great for the environment.

First off, you would be reducing landfill waste by a lot. You would no longer need to throw away disposable oil filters. All you’d need to do is keep one high quality reusable oil filter and change your car’s oil whenever it needs it.

Second, disposable oil filters contain harmful chemicals that can seep into the ground and water supply. This is true even for disposable oil filters that have been emptied and disposed of correctly. There’s still residual oil that can seep into the ground and water supply.

With a reusable oil filter, you don’t have to worry about harming the local soil and water supply. 

Reusable Oil Filters Are Easy To Install And Clean

A well-designed reusable oil filter is easy to install and clean. You can install a reusable oil filter in the usual Porsche 911 oil filter location. All you need to do is install it like you would a disposable oil filter. The only difference is to put a little bit of clean oil into your reusable filter just before installing it.

When it’s time to clean your reusable oil filter, you remove all traces of sludge and reattach it to your engine. Some models can be cleaned with water or air pressure alone. Others also include a sprayer that cleans the outside of the filter. Once your reusable oil filter is clean, you put it back into your engine. It’s that easy!

PurePower! Is A Leading Brand For Lifetime Oil Filters

Your Porsche 911 engine deserves the very best lifetime oil filter on the market. That means you should get a PurePower! lifetime oil filter. Here’s why:

  • PurePower! lifetime oil filters are made with the highest quality materials available.
  • PurePower! lifetime oil filters come with high quality magnets that will trap the tiny metal particles in your oil.
  • PurePower! lifetime oil filters are easy to install and clean.

Read more about why PurePower! lifetime oil filters are the best ones on the market.

Whether you have an older or new Porsche 911, we have a lifetime filter for you. Look up your Porsche 911 in our catalog of lifetime oil filters to find the right filter for your car. Here are a couple of our best sellers:

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