Why Choose PurePower! Lifetime Oil Filters?

When you choose PurePower! filters, there's no need for special tools and no need to buy another filter again. Instead, you get a direct OEM filter replacement that is easy to clean and improves your engine's performance.

We're talking an increase in oil pressure, cooler operating temperatures, better horsepower, and improved fuel mileage.

1. Better For Your Vehicle

Representative Oil Filter

Ordinary disposable oil filters don't do much to improve the way your vehicle runs. They just keep it running. With PurePower! Lifetime Filters, you get more than just filtering. Like we said above, you get increased horsepower, cooler operating temperatures, better fuel mileage, easy-to-monitor engine condition, and more.

2. Multiple Vehicle Filter Applications

Our company offers OEM replacement filters for oil, fuel, and transmission fluid that fit foreign, domestic, gasoline, diesel, CNG, propane, biodiesel, veggie diesel, autos, pickups, SUVs, vans, heavy-duty trucks, off-road equip, motorcycles, military, farm, mining, and private aircraft.

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3. Filtering For Performance


PurePower! filters have been used by racing legends to break and sustain world records on land, sea, and air. If reusable filters are good enough for the pros, they are certainly good enough for your vehicle, whether it's a performance vehicle or a daily driver.

4. Quality Engineering

Engineered with superior quality workmanship, aerospace technology, and the highest-grade of mil-spec certified material. Plus, our filters are made right here in the USA. You can count on quality and longevity.

Lifetime filter

5. Product Testing


Independent laboratory testing shows increased oil flow, extremely high burst rate, and excellent performance. Get the only cleanable filter to pass stringent testing by the F.A.A.

6. Superior Reusable Filters

Beware of inferior knock-offs. Some have no bypass valve, some use pipe dope on threads, and some use “glue” to hold the filter element material together and the ends to the bypass and the element. This glue melts at high temperatures and makes cleaning difficult.


7. Better For The Environment

filter garbage

Never throw away another single-use filter from your car or truck or recreational vehicle again. Instead, use less fuel and oil, dispose of less toxic waste, and lower emissions.

8. Award-Winning Product

PurePower! Lifetime Filters are the winner of numerous industry and international awards for innovative design including achievements in newly developed automotive technology.


9. Increased Return On Investment

A positive return on investment (ROI) is achieved when you factor in the following:

  • purchase price and inventory of “throw-away” filters
  • disposal charges of used filters
  • reduction of oil usage
  • cost of oil
  • fuel mileage savings
  • engine longevity
  • fewer repairs
  • less downtime
PurePower! filters pay for themselves when amortized over a short period.

10. The One And Only Original Reusable Filter

We were the first to use 6061 T6 billet aluminum material for filter canisters and bypass for bulletproof strength that lasts a lifetime. Trust the originators. Trust PurePower!

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