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Lifetime Fuel Filter #PP7404-10


Pure Power® Lifetime Inline Fuel Filter™ for Racing Applications 4″ with AN 10 Ends

• Improved Fuel Mileage
• Extend engine life.
• Improved debris removal; Nominal Micron Extraction Rating <1 Micron • Simple to clean, hot soapy water works great. • Amortized over a short period it will pay for itself. It may even fit your next vehicle. • This filter will NOT void the manufacturer’s warranty • Green PLUS Performance! Clean it and Re-use it. NEVER throw it away. • Nothing like it....nothing out performs it.™ Pure Power! is #1 in Awards, Sales, U.S. Utility Patents, Performance, Innovation, Fitment and Customer Satisfaction. Copyright ©2014 Pure Power! Incorporated. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Limited Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA, Cleanable anf Reusable
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Pure Power!® Inline Fuel Filters™ are designed to improve debris removal which is inherent in fuel.  Fuel is aerated through T304 Stainless Steel filter media for a more complete burn resulting in better fuel economy and cleaner injectors. Body and ends are CNC Machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum for a lifetime of service. This filter is designed so durable and efficient it is used in all types of racing with a variety of fuels such as methanol, nitro methane and diesel fuel.  Pure Power!® Inline Fuel Filters™ are also available in 4” and 10” lengths with a wide array of AN ends.

AN 4

  • FILTER BODY:      CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum
  • FILTER MEDIA:      T304 Stainless Steel
  • O-RINGS:      Highest Grade Mil-Spec Viton® on all sealing surfaces
  • BONDING AGENT:      Aerospace extreme Hi-Temp baked on ceramic investment to secure element.
  • BENEFITS:      Clean it and Reuse it; never throw it away. May even fit you next vehicle.
  • SAVE MONEY:      Better Fuel Mileage, Cleaner injectors, Improved debris removal

NEVER COMPROMISE on Quality, Design, Experience or Performance.

Copyright ©2014 Pure Power! Incorporated. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED