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  • 1 gallon bottle of concentrated ECO-Sudz cleaning solution
  • Breaks down dirty oil for easy disposal
  • Formulated for use with ECO-Shower cleaning system
Limited Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA, Cleanable anf Reusable
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Our proprietary ECO-Sudz cleaning solution was developed for use exclusively with our ECO-Shower cleaning system. This highly concentrated formula is water soluble and breaks down the used oil from your PurePower! filter, meaning you can flush both the ECO-Sudz and oil down the drain without worry.

Not only does ECO-Sudz clean your filter and break down the oil, but it’s formulated to recondition your filter as well, ensuring like-new performance at all times. Simply mix 3 parts water with 1 part ECO-Sudz, and you’re ready to pair it with the ECO-Shower for an easy, DIY cleaning. Learn more about how to use ECO-Sudz to clean your filter here and download printable instructions here.