PurePower! Filters For HD Trucks

Whether you're a fleet manager or an owner operator, a lifetime filter from PurePower! is a great tool for reducing operating costs and eliminating hazardous waste.

  • PurePower! filters reduce fuel and oil costs, increasing drain intervals and fuel economy
  • Our filters also reduce emissions and eliminate dirty oil filter disposal costs
  • We have filters for every major large diesel, and our patented remote filters mean we've got a filter for every rig

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oil filters for trucking

PurePower! Filters Are Better For Your Engine

Stainless steel filter media

PurePower! filters are engineered to improve engine efficiency and performance, with stainless steel filter media that dramatically outperforms disposable oil filters.

Most disposable filters use a mixture of wood pulp and fiberglass as a filter media. While these materials are cheap, they can become clogged very quickly. A clogged oil filter hampers fuel economy, increasing operating costs.

PurePower! Filters Aren't A Waste Of Resources

Used oil filters are wasteful

PurePower! filters are made to last the lifetime of any truck's engine (if not longer). Each time the oil is changed, the PurePower! filter can be cleaned quickly with one of our cleaning kits.

Instead of disposing of dirty oil filters - which may be considered hazardous waste - the dirty filter cleaning fluid can be dumped right down the drain (it's perfectly safe and legal).

PurePower! Filters Are Made In The USA


PurePower! filters are made in the USA for one reason: Quality.

A lifetime oil filter isn't some simple piece of equipment we can have made in China or Mexico - it's crucial to the health of your engine. So, we manufacture PurePower! filters in the USA where we can guarantee quality.

Of course, we're also proud to support the American worker.