PurePower! Filters For Cars, Trucks, And SUVs

While PurePower! filters are available for all kinds of engines, most of our products are designed for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

  • One single oil filter design can fit hundreds or thousands of vehicles
  • Many different brands use the same oil filter

To find an oil filter for your specific vehicle, visit our shop page.

PurePower! filters are available for cars, trucks, and SUVs from every major brand.
Thousands of car, truck, and SUV applications

PurePower! Filters Are Better For Your Engine

Stainless steel filter media

All PurePower! filters are made with double woven stainless steel. Stainless steel filter media is expensive, but effective.

Most disposable filters use a mixture of wood pulp and fiberglass. While these materials are cheap, they can become clogged very quickly.

PurePower! Filters Aren't A Waste Of Resources

Used oil filters are wasteful

PurePower! filters are made to last the lifetime of your engine (if not longer). Each time you change your oil, you remove, disassemble, and clean your PurePower! filter.

Buying a disposable filter every time you change your oil - and then throwing it in a landfill - is a waste.

PurePower! Filters Are Made In The USA


PurePower! filters are made in the USA for one reason: Quality.

A lifetime oil filter isn't some simple piece of equipment we can have made in China or Mexico - it's crucial to the health of your engine. So, we manufacture PurePower! filters in the USA where we can guarantee quality.