Will Oil Filters Catch Metal Shavings?

Sometimes metal shavings end up in the motor oil. When that happens, the engine can get damaged, sometimes beyond repair. That’s why it’s very important to keep metal shavings out of the motor oil.

Oil filters exist to filter dirt and debris out of the motor oil. Does that include metal shavings? Not always. An oil filter’s ability to catch metal shavings depends on two factors:

  1. The size of the shavings
  2. The type of filter

Let’s talk about both factors in more detail.

The Size of The Shavings

 Image Credit: JaguarForums

When two metal engine parts rub against each other, metal shavings form. This often happens right at startup, when oil pressure is low for a moment. As the motor oil runs through the engine, it picks up the metal shavings. That’s how motor oil gets contaminated with shavings.

Metal shavings come in various sizes, but often times, they’re very small. In fact, many metal shavings are too small for any oil filter to catch. Metal particles that are a few microns in size can go right through a paper filter. Manufacturers design paper oil filters to catch sludge, which has much bigger particles.

The good news is that there’s a solution that catches the tiniest ferrous metal particles: magnets. Some reusable oil filters come with strong magnets for this reason.

The Type Of Filter

Disposable oil filters (with paper filter media) don’t catch small metal shavings. Reusable filters do, only if they have strong magnets. You can’t count on a disposable oil filter to always filter metal shavings out of motor oil. If you’re worried about your motor oil getting contaminated with metal shavings, get a lifetime oil filter with strong magnets.

A PurePower! Oil Filter Catches Ferrous Metal Shavings


PurePower! is a reputable brand of reusable oil filters for all sorts of vehicles. If your vehicle has a PurePower! oil filter, the odds of catching the metal particles are very good. That’s because PurePower! filters include high grade neodymium magnets in addition to a premium stainless steel filter mesh.

Each PurePower! oil filter has multiple neodymium magnets around the outside of the filter. These magnets create a strong magnetic field in the filter. So as the oil runs through the filter, the magnets pull the metal particles out of the oil. This keeps the metal particles from cycling through the engine again. That means the metal particles won’t come in contact with any engine parts and wear on them.

Ferrous Metals Vs. Non-Ferrous Metals

Keep in mind that magnets can only trap ferrous metal particles. Ferrous metal is magnetic, and non-ferrous metal is not magnetic. The good news is most engine parts are made of ferrous metal – steel and iron.

Are you worried about non-ferrous metal particles wrecking your engine? Be sure to change your oil at regular intervals. Doing so drastically decreases the chances of your engine wearing due to metal in the oil.

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