Why You Should Only Buy A Lifetime Oil Filter That’s Made In The USA

Are you in the market for a reusable oil filter for your vehicle? You may have noticed that some reusable oil filters are more affordable than others. These oil filters were likely manufactured in another country, and you should steer clear of them.

USA made

Some people will only buy car and motorcycle parts that are made in the USA. It’s not just a matter of national pride. Actually, national pride may play a small part in the “we only buy American parts” attitude. But a bigger reason lies behind it. The reason is quite simple: American parts are built better. This fact applies to reusable oil filters.

You can only count on US manufacturers to build a great quality oil filter. Here are 2 big reasons why:

1. Strict Standards For Materials

Filter components

The US enforces strict standards for raw materials. There are rigorous regulations in place. It’s to ensure that all metals and alloys are being manufactured to code. Manufacturers have to classify their metals and alloys to help others identify the quality. For example, there are 3 general classifications used to identify stainless steel:

  1. Metallurgical Structure
  2. AISI numbering system (200, 300, and 400 Series)
  3. The Unified Numbering System, which is for all commercial metals and alloys

Thanks to the strict standards set by our government, all metals and alloys sourced in the US:

  • Won’t rust
  • Will last a long time

Also, our government requires that all parts, including reusable oil filters, made in America must use metal sourced within the country. American manufacturers can’t cut corners by sourcing cheap unregulated metals from other countries. When you buy an American made reusable oil filter, you’ll have full confidence that the metals used within it meet the government’s rigorous standards.

Many other countries, like China for example, don’t have good standards for their metals and alloys. That’s one of the reasons why reusable oil filters made in China, Taiwan, or another country are quite cheap. These oil filters are notorious for not lasting long. It’s because the low quality metals and alloys used in these filters tends to warp or rust after some time.

2. Accountability

Dirty filter

An oil filter may seem like a small and insignificant part, but it actually plays a big role in your engine’s health. Dirty oil can really wreck the engine and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. If a reusable oil filter fails, it’ll either:

  • Deprive your engine of oil
  • Send dirty, unfiltered oil to the engine

Both scenarios are are really bad for your engine. For example, let’s say your reusable oil filter gets too clogged up and deprives your engine of oil. An engine running without enough oil is bad news. It’ll seize in no time. That will render your vehicle unusable until you either fix or replace the engine. It’s a very expensive and inconvenient situation. So of course you would want to hold the oil filter manufacturer accountable.

Like we discussed in the previous section, the likelihood of your oil filter failing is much higher if it’s made in a foreign country. It’s quite rare for a US-made reusable oil filter to fail because US oil filters are:

  • Built with highly regulated materials that will last a long time
  • Designed to OE specs

Holding Foreign Manufacturers Accountable

What happens when a foreign made reusable oil filter fails? It’s very rare for a foreign manufacturer to offer a warranty on its products. If you luck out and find one that offers a warranty, chances are that the policy doesn’t cover much, or anything at all. So you’ll have no choice but to buy a new reusable oil filter if your current foreign-made oil filter fails.

You can try and sue the foreign manufacturer, but don’t expect good results. We hate to bear bad news, but you’ll have a hard time winning a lawsuit against a foreign manufacturer. First off, you would need to find a lawyer in that country, which can be quite a chore in itself. And very few countries have product liability laws that are as stringent as those in the US. So Americans are usually on the losing side when they sue foreign manufacturers. It’s a shame, considering how it’s common for foreign manufacturers to take shortcuts at the expense of the consumer. It may be because they know that they can get away with it scot free.

The bottom line: it’s nearly impossible to hold a foreign manufacturer accountable. In the case that your foreign-made reusable oil filter fails, you would most likely have to eat the repair costs, which can be quite expensive.

Don’t let these facts discourage you from buying a reusable oil filter, though. You still have another option that’s much better: US-built reusable oil filters.

Holding US Manufacturers Accountable

In the rare occurrence that your US-built reusable oil filter fails, it’s really easy to hold the company accountable. In fact, most US reusable oil filter manufacturers have a robust warranty policy or a resolution process in place.

Many US manufacturers want to work with you. Those that take a lot of pride in their products have a great warranty policy in place that’s written in the customer’s favor. For example, we have a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty on all of our reusable oil filters. Our warranty policy makes it as easy as possible for you to contact us and get the issue resolved right away.

Holding a US manufacturer accountable for a defective or misused part as opposed to holding a foreign manufacturer accountable brings more benefits:

  • Easy communication
    • No language barriers
    • Higher chance of quick responses due to close proximity
  • Fast shipping of replacement parts due to close proximity

PurePower!: A Reliable US Brand For Reusable Oil Filters

Pure power filter new

Reusable oil filters made in the US are pricier than those made in foreign countries. Yet, some US-built reusable oil filters offer a lot of value. Take PurePower! oil filters, for instance. PurePower! is a leading US brand for reusable oil filters. All PurePower! oil filters:

Read more about PurePower! oil filters and treat your vehicle to one today!