Reusable Motorcycle Oil Filter Reviews

Are you thinking about switching to a reusable oil filter for your motorcycle? If you ask us, it’s a smart decision. Many others think so too. We’ve rounded up a few user reviews for you below. But first, here are a few key reasons why reusable oil filters are becoming so popular:

Why A Reusable Oil Filter For A Motorcycle Is A Great Investment

Motorcycle lifetime filter

A good quality reusable oil filter will be one of the best upgrades you can give your bike. Here’s why:

In a nutshell, a quality reusable oil filter is much better for your engine and the environment. Read more about why PurePower! is a brand of choice for many motorcycle owners.

Many positive reviews about reusable motorcycle oil filters are floating around the internet. There’s a small problem, though. Not all reusable oil filters are high quality. When looking for a reusable oil filter, it’s important to go with a brand that’s known for making quality filters.

PurePower!: A Brand With Consistent Positive Reviews

PurePower! is a leading brand for reusable oil filters. We make high quality reusable (lifetime) oil filters for a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles. You can check out our catalog here. At PurePower! we value the quality, longevity, and performance of our oil filters above all else. Many of our customers have noticed it. We’re proud to say that our brand has consistent positive reviews. We rounded up a few from fellow motorcycle owners:

“I love my PurePower! oil filter. I am telling everyone about it. Having the best high performance motorcycle accessories on my motorcycle is very important to me and that is why I have a PurePower! oil filter on my motorcycle. It is the best on the market!” – Frank Walters

“PurePower! works great. Quicker revs, easier starts and about 4-5 lbs. of oil pressure increase. The filter will pay for itself over time and I won’t need to be throwing out any more used filters in the trash. Great product and outstanding quality.” – David Jones

“This PurePower! Harley-Davidson lifetime oil filter is my second filter. [PurePower! oil filters] are great. Easy to use and the benefits are great.” – Marc Alexander, via Trustpilot

“PurePower! makes the best filters on the market! I run them in all my vehicles, including my Harley, Kubota tractor, Yamaha outboard, and my Duramax!” – Bobby Evans, via Facebook

Want to learn more about our oil filters? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all the questions you have about our lifetime motorcycle oil filters! Want to treat your motorcycle to a PurePower! oil filter? Get one here!