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Reusable Oil Filters Vs Disposable Oil Filters

used oil filter

There are two different types of oil filters: Disposable oil filters Reusable oil filters If you’re curious about the differences between these types of filters, you came to the right place. As a leading brand of reusable oil filters, we know a lot of about disposable and reusable oil filters. We’ll go over each type…

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Are Oil Filter Magnets Worth It?

filter magnets

You may have heard of oil filter magnets. They’re high quality magnets you put into your disposable oil filter. The purpose of an oil filter magnet is to create a magnetic field within the oil filter. A good quality magnet will trap the tiny ferrous metal particles in the oil. That way, the metal particles…

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Can An Oil Filter Be Reused?

A common cost-saving trick with air filters is to blow them out and then reuse them. (Doing this can actually damage the air filter media and compromise its ability to do the job, so we don’t recommend doing that). You may be wondering if you can do something similar with an oil filter. If you’re…

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Do Old Oil Filters Expire?

paper filter

Do you have an old oil filter lying around your garage? Are you wondering if you can still use it? Or are you just curious about whether old oil filters expire? We have the answer you’re looking for. Oil filters don’t expire. However, they do break down over time. To Be Safe, Throw Away Your…

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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Motor Oil

Motor oil

Motor oil is critical to the operation of an internal combustion engine. In fact, an engine will destroy itself if it runs without motor oil for more than few seconds. As a vehicle owner, you should know the basics about motor oil. The more you know about it, the better you’re able to maintain your…

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A Historical Reference Guide To The Oil Filter

As long as automakers keep putting internal combustion engines into cars, oil filters will always be necessary. As a car owner, it pays to know a thing or two about oil filters. We’ll talk about the history of oil filters, and how oil filters evolved over time. When Were Oil Filters Invented? Oil filters were…

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Will Oil Filters Catch Metal Shavings?

metal shavings

Sometimes metal shavings end up in the motor oil. When that happens, the engine can get damaged, sometimes beyond repair. That’s why it’s very important to keep metal shavings out of the motor oil. Oil filters exist to filter dirt and debris out of the motor oil. Does that include metal shavings? Not always. An…

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Why Every Oil Filter Should Have Magnets

Magnets in oil filters can be a foreign concept to many. You may think that it doesn’t make sense. Why would there even need to be magnets inside an oil filter? If you ask a lot of shop technicians, they’ll tell you that it’s actually a brilliant idea. Magnets help prolong the life of the…

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10 Scary Examples Of Clogged Oil Filters

Have you ever wondered what a really clogged oil filter looks like? Luckily, you don’t have to skip a few oil changes to find out. There are some pictures floating around the web that show how bad an oil filter can get. We rounded up 10 of these photos for your viewing pleasure… or horror:…

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How Clean Oil Leads To Better Engine Performance

There’s a reason you’re supposed to change your oil every 3K-7K miles. It’s a simple reason, actually. Clean oil helps the engine perform better, and it helps the engine last longer. In other words, dirty oil is your engine’s worst enemy. Why Your Engine Needs Clean Oil The engine has a lot of moving parts…

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