Here’s Why You Should Never Buy A Disposable Oil Filter

Everyone who cares for their car or truck wants the best for it. That’s especially true when buying aftermarket parts. Better tires improve handling, make driving more comfortable, and can increase fuel efficiency. Well-made windshield wiper blades make it easier to see the road in heavy rain or snow for more than just a season. The same is true with oil filters. Buy a high-quality, reusable filter and you get a happy engine. (Plus it’s a better choice for the environment. More on that below.)

You Get What You Pay For In Life, And That Includes Oil Filters

Following the same logic, cheap components can ruin the overall driving experience and actually shorten the life of the vehicle. For example, cheap tires can make driving unpleasant and unsafe with poor handling and irritating road noise.

Oil filters are an often overlooked yet vital engine component. Cheap, disposable filters can clog up well short of their supposed lifespan and become useless until the next oil change. That can not only be catastrophic for heavier workloads like hauling or towing, but also for everyday driving. It’s a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.” Most disposable oil filters cost under $10 and are made with loose tolerances, and unreliable bypass valves. They’re built to be thrown away. 

Throw Away Oil Filters Are Disastrous For The Environment

Not only can disposable fuel filters potentially shorten the life of an engine, but their inherent disposable nature also makes them disastrous for the environment. Millions of filters end up in landfills every year. Used filters not only contain used motor oil that can seep into the ground, but they can also take hundreds of years to decompose. One person going through a few filters a year may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly over time. In fact, 768 million oil filters went into landfills in 2019 according to a recent study. 

Here’s What To Do About Disposable Filters

Choose lifetime oil filters instead! They are the right choice if you want to reduce your vehicle’s environmental impact. A lifetime oil filter doesn’t ever need to be thrown away. (Don’t forget the  oil can be recycled.) A lifetime filter can also help drivers take charge of their vehicle’s maintenance. It can be used over and over again for the entire lifetime of the vehicle (and then some). 

PurePower! is one of the top brands when it comes to lifetime filters. We already offer filters for several popular makes and models as well as filters for marine and power-sport use. We will continue to add filters to our lineup to meet the needs of drivers everywhere.