Lifetime Oil Filters For The Ford Super Duty

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A reusable oil filter is a type of oil filter that is manufactured in a way that allows it to be disassembled for cleaning. Reusable oil filters are also called lifetime oil filters.

The green lifestyle is becoming quite popular these days. More and more people are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. One of the easiest forms of recycling is to reuse items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Reusable oil filters are a good example. A reusable oil filter can be used for many oil change cycles before going to the landfill. Good quality reusable oil filters last the lifetime of the vehicle.

If you have a Ford Super Duty truck, a reusable oil filter is a great investment. It’s also one of the best upgrades you can make to your engine.

A Little Bit About Reusable Oil Filters

Reusable oil filters are built with metal or plastic. You can use one over the lifetime of your truck if you maintain it well. They’re highly recommended for many reasons, including:

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Quality construction
  • Low price point (compared to disposable oil filters over the lifetime of the truck)
  • Reliability in keeping motor oil clean

Reusable oil filters are recommended by most auto manufacturers, including Mazda and Ford. That’s because they can be cleaned and reused again and again. With a traditional disposable filter, you have to throw it away after each oil change. This gets expensive over time.

The media used in a reusable oil filter is usually a fine wire mesh or a compacted synthetic material. In order for the filter to work properly, you need to maintain and clean it properly. It should also be replaced when needed.

A reusable oil filter works like a disposable oil filter. The only difference is the components are much more durable. A high quality reusable oil filter is made of durable metal, such as stainless steel and CNC machined aluminum. Some reusable oil filters (like PurePower! oil filters) come with magnets to trap metal shavings.

Why A Reusable Oil Filter Is A Much Better Investment Than Disposable Oil Filters

Disposable oil filters are very common. Yet, they’re actually not a good investment for many reasons. You’ll get so much more value out of a reusable oil filter for these reasons:

1. Disposable Oil Filters Are Built With Inferior Quality Materials

Disposable oil filters are usually made of cheap materials and will deteriorate fast. Most disposable filters contain cardboard fibers mixed with a resin binder to hold them together. The filter media is cellulose, which is easily contaminated by engine oil and debris. The problem is you can’t clean cellulose. Cellulose can also tend to break apart over time. There’s a reason disposable oil filters can only last until the next oil change.

A major problem with disposable oil filters is that they don’t always allow oil to pass through. The filter media can get clogged up pretty fast. If you want your engine to run well, use a filter media with high porosity and permeability. A high quality reusable filter is just the ticket for this kind of performance.

2. Disposable Oil Filters Are More Expensive In The Long Run

When you consider upfront costs, a disposable oil filter is cheaper than a reusable filter. Yet, try adding up the costs of multiple disposable oil filters over the lifetime of your truck. You’ll find that the total cost is much higher than a one-time investment in a quality reusable filter.

3. Disposable Oil Filters Are Terrible For The Environment

Disposable oil filters are designed to be used once and thrown away. They’re not made to be recycled, so they will end up in a landfill. This means more garbage on the planet, and in your city. Disposable oil filters also use more plastic than reusable oil filters. Less plastic waste is also better for the environment.

Unfortunately, disposable oil filters have lots of residual oil left in them. The residual oil will leak out and contaminate the soil and local water supply.

You don’t have to worry about this issue with reusable oil filters. When you clean and maintain the filter, all of the old oil is removed. As long as you dispose of the used oil the right way, you’re not harming the environment. The metal used in reusable filters can usually be recycled, too.

4. Disposable Oil Filters May Break Down and Cause Engine Damage

Over time, the components in a disposable oil filter will deteriorate. They aren’t made to be reused, so it’s hard to know how long they will actually last before breaking down. Sometimes disposable oil filters don’t last until the next oil change. For example, the paper filter media can tear off and clog up oil passageways.

Good quality reusable oil filters don’t break down and cause engine damage. If you clean and maintain your reusable oil filter, it’ll last a very long time before even starting to break down.

5. Disposable Oil Filters Don’t Protect Your Engine Over Time

Over time, all engine filters will collect dirt in the filter media. The problem with disposable oil filters is that they can’t be cleaned out for reuse. This means that oil will flow through a dirty filter (via the bypass valve) and contaminate your engine over time. You can’t know for sure if your disposable oil filter is really clear or not. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope that your filter is still good until the next oil change. High quality reusable filters can be cleaned out and reused so that they are always performing their best at all times.

6. Disposable Oil Filters Are Not Always Built For Your Particular Vehicle

A good reusable oil filter will have a precise fit for your engine, with the right threading and oil flow design. By comparison, many disposable filters are just made to fit into any engine in general. This means they’re more likely to:

  • Cause fitment issues
  • Leak
  • Break down over time

PurePower! Is A Leading Brand For Reusable Oil Filters

Not all reusable oil filters are created equal. There are some high quality oil filters, and there are some low quality ones. If you want to get the most out of your investment, get a tried-and-true reusable oil filter from a quality brand.

For those looking for a top performing reusable filter with high quality components, PurePower! is a great choice. The PurePower! brand stands out as a leader in the development of high quality oil filters that will work on any Ford Super Duty engine.

PurePower! Filters Are Engineered To Work On Your Specific Vehicle

Some reusable oil filters come with universal fitment, which is bad. Universal oil filters can mess up your vehicle’s performance or cause other damage over time. PurePower! reusable oil filters are designed to work specifically with your Ford engine.

It’s Easy To Install And Clean A PurePower! Lifetime Oil Filter

PurePower! lifetime oil filters are quite easy to install. All PurePower! oil filters come with detailed installation instructions. In a nutshell, you can install it like a disposable oil filter. You should partially fill it up with clean oil first.

Cleaning a PurePower! lifetime oil filter is also pretty easy. You would only need to:

  1. Remove the filter from your truck and then disassemble it.
  2. Visually inspect all the components for damage.
  3. Remove any metal particles from the magnets.
  4. Rinse everything out.
  5. Dry everything.
  6. Put the filter back together and then reinstall it.

Ensure Your Ford Super Duty Engine’s Health By Upgrading To A PurePower! Lifetime Oil Filter

If you really care about your Ford Super Duty’s engine, avoid disposable oil filters. You’ll be doing your engine a huge favor by upgrading to a reusable oil filter.

It’s important to get an oil filter that will work with your Ford Super Duty. Put a PurePower! lifetime oil filter in and get the performance and fuel economy you expect out of your truck engine. It’s the best Super Duty oil filter you could get, even for diesel engines.

Whether you have a 2014 Ford F-250, a ’94 F-250 Super Duty 7.5 engine, or anything else, we may have what you need. Look up your Ford Super Duty in our catalog to see if we have a PurePower! lifetime oil filter made for your engine! Here are a couple of our best sellers:

Please contact us if you need help finding the right PurePower! lifetime oil filter for your truck.