Lifetime Oil Filters For The Chevy Silverado HD

Chevy Silverado HD trucks are versatile and powerful trucks that can work hard every day. They can pull heavy loads, and navigate rough terrain without any issues.

For your Silverado HD to reach its full potential every day, it needs clean oil at all times. One of the best ways to protect your engine and ensure that it’s always running on clean oil is investing in a reusable oil filter.

What’s A Reusable Oil Filter?

Reusable oil filters are high quality, heavy duty filters that can be used for many oil changes. A good quality reusable oil filter is made with a metal housing that’s able to resist corrosion of internal parts. This ensures that the reusable oil filter lasts a long time before needing replacement.

The filter element is a fine wire mesh material, made out of stainless steel. It does a better job filtering debris and impurities out of oil than a disposable oil filter can.

At every oil change, remove the reusable oil filter from the engine. Clean it, and then put it back in. It’s that easy.

Why A Reusable Oil Filter Is Better For Your Chevy Silverado HD Than Disposable Oil Filters

Reusable oil filters are better than disposable oil filters. They last longer and do a better job filtering the dirt and impurities out of the oil. Reusable oil filters are also great for the environment.

Reusable Oil Filters Are Much More Reliable In Filtering Your Oil

Fiberglass and/or cellulose filters (found in disposable oil filters) get plugged and become useless over time. Often times, these filters clog up before the next oil change. When this happens, your engine gets dirty oil. That can compromise your engine’s ability to perform and reduce its lifespan.

The stainless steel filter element found in quality reusable oil filters does a much better job filtering the oil. It’s less likely to get clogged up before the next oil change. It also filters the oil more uniformly. With a reusable oil filter in your truck, your engine will get more clean oil than ever.

Like any other engine, it’s best for your engine to run on as much clean oil as possible. Chevy Silverado HD engines are built to last a long time, but only with proper maintenance. A high quality reusable oil filter will go a long way in ensuring that your engine lasts a long time.

Some Reusable Oil Filters Come With Magnets

Magnets are important in oil filters. It’s because they help capture metal debris in the oil before the debris can wear on the engine. Disposable oil filters don’t come with magnets. So there’s an increased risk of metal debris running through the engine and wearing on its moving parts

Metal debris can damage the engine by creating friction between its moving parts. In particular, metal debris are at risk of damaging engine bearings and valve train components. An increased level of metal in the oil will result in less lubrication, which can speed up engine wear too. This post explains why magnets are an excellent addition to oil filters.

Reusable Oil Filters Are Much Better For The Environment

Reusable oil filters are much more eco friendly than disposable oil filters. The filter media in disposable filters will disintegrate. They also cannot on the other hand be cleaned and reused over many years of service. This means:

  • You’re not sending disposable oil filters to the landfill, where they can leach residual oil into the soil and the local water supply.
  • You’re not contributing to using up natural resources to produce the materials used in disposable oil filters.

You’re Saving Money With A Reusable Oil Filter

A reusable oil filter costs more than a disposable oil filter upfront. Yet, try adding up all the money you’ll spend on disposable oil filters over the lifetime of your truck. Most likely the total cost is higher than the cost of a reusable oil filter.

Why A PurePower! Lifetime Oil Filter Is The Best Investment You Could Make

There are several different brands for reusable oil filters. Some of these brands are good, while others aren’t so good. PurePower! is arguably the best brand for reusable Chevy Silverado HD oil filters. Here’s why:

PurePower! Oil Filters Are Made With High Quality Materials

PurePower! oil filters are made with:

  • Double-woven 304 stainless steel filter media
  • Neodymium magnets to capture metal particles
  • Viton o-rings for maximum durability
  • CNC machined 6061T-6 aluminum components
  • Premium stainless steel bypass valve and spring

These materials are as high quality as they come. They’re long-lasting and more reliable than other reusable oil filters. Rest assured that your PurePower! oil filter will stay good for a long time.

PurePower! Oil Filters Are Designed To Capture Metal Debris

All PurePower! oil filters come with neodymium magnets. These magnets are strong enough to capture metal debris before it can damage the engine. Many other brands of reusable oil filters don’t come with neodymium magnets. This poses a risk of potential engine damage if the filter doesn’t catch all the debris.

PurePower! Oil Filters Are Easy To Install And Clean

Installing a PurePower! oil filter is simple and straightforward. Basically, installing a PurePower! oil filter is like installing a disposable oil filter. Keep in mind that you need to partially fill it up with clean oil first, though.

At every oil change, you need to remove the PurePower! oil filter from your engine and then clean it. It’s a pretty easy and straightforward process, though. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the filter from your Silverado.
  2. Disassemble the filter.
  3. Visually inspect all the components to ensure they’re not damaged.
  4. If there are metal particles on the magnets, remove them.
  5. Rinse all the components.
  6. Dry all the components.
  7. Reassemble the filter and then put it back in your truck.

Choosing The Right PurePower! Oil Filter For Your Silverado HD

All PurePower! oil filters are model-specific. That means you need to find the right PurePower! oil filter for your Silverado HD. Look up your Silverado HD in PurePower’s catalog of oil filters.