Are Reusable Filters Good?

There are two types of filters: Disposable and reusable.

When it comes to oil filters, disposables are by far the most common type. Reusable oil filters are common, but not as common as disposable filters. So if you’re thinking about getting a reusable oil filter, it’s natural to wonder if it’s a good investment. Reusable oil filters cost more than disposable oil filters upfront, after all.

The truth is, reusable oil filters are very good. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Reusable Oil Filters Cost Less Than Disposable Oil Filters In The Long Run

reusable filter

Some people may be hesitant to buy a reusable oil filter because they cost some money upfront. The truth is, reusable oil filters are often cheaper in the long run.

First of all, disposable oil filters are subject to inflation. You would keep buying several disposable oil filters every year for the lifetime of your vehicle. These costs add up, especially with inflation factored in. Disposable oil filters are even more expensive for race cars. It’s because the oil filter is changed between every race.

Clean oil also leads to better engine performance and boosts fuel economy. These things will save you some money in the long run.

Many of our customers are pleased to find how much money they’ve saved with a PurePower! lifetime oil filter. Here are a couple of testimonials:

  • I have used your filters on my last three vehicles it has saved me a ton of money thank you for continuing to make an awesome product.” – Tim Scott
  • PurePower! works great. Quicker revs, easier starts and about 4-5 lbs. of oil pressure increase. The filter will pay for itself over time and I won’t need to be throwing out any more used filters in the trash. Great product and outstanding quality.” – David Jones

2. Reusable Oil Filters Don’t Shed Particles That Clog Oil Passageways

Disposable filter

A good quality reusable oil filter is made of metal. Even the filter media is made of metal. For example, PurePower! reusable oil filters come with double woven 304 stainless steel mesh as filter media. You won’t find paper or any other material that’s easily destructible in a reusable oil filter.

Some disposable oil filters come with cheap paper filter media. This is especially true with some aftermarket filters. Many cars use oil filters with paper filter media, but it doesn’t mean that these filters are safe.

The oil filter faces high heat and constant pressure for as long as the engine is on. Cheap paper filters can’t last under these conditions. When a cheap filter media buckles under the heat and pressure, small chunks of the filter media tear off. The oil then picks up these chunks and then take them to the engine. It’s rare for these chunks to make their way back to the oil filter. Most likely, they will remain in the engine and clog up smaller passageways. When that happens, these passageways don’t get enough oil (or even none at all). That can lead to:

  • Premature engine wear
  • Expensive engine repairs
  • Complete engine failure

3. Some Reusable Oil Filters Come With Magnets

filter magnets

A typical disposable oil filter doesn’t come with any magnets. Some reusable oil filters do.

Metal particles in the oil is very bad news. When metal particles end up in your oil, they will cycle through the engine. Every time metal particles run through the engine, they cause significant damage. It’s because metal particles are very abrasive. They can cause premature wear in engine components.

Paper oil filters can’t catch most metal particles. It’s because the filter media is too porous, and the metal particles are too small. When you have metal particles in your oil, your oil becomes abrasive. This is why you want magnets in your oil filter.

When high quality magnets are present, they can trap the metal particles before they even make it to the engine. This post explains why it’s important to have magnets in your oil filter.

Some reusable oil filters, including PurePower! oil filters, come with quality magnets that can trap the metal particles in your oil. With one of these bad boys in your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about losing your engine to abrasive oil.

4. Reusable Oil Filters Are Great For The Environment

filter garbage

Reusable oil filters are not only more reliable than disposable oil filters. They’re also much, much better for the environment. Pretty much anything that’s reusable is great for the environment. It’s especially true with oil filters. It’s because:

  • Disposable oil filters create so much waste.
  • Disposable oil filters can contaminate the local water supply.
  • Reusable oil filters don’t create any waste.
  • Reusable oil filters don’t contaminate the water supply because you’re not sending anything to the landfill.

One of the best ways to be green is to use a reusable oil filter. It’s one of our missions to help improve the environment. All PurePower! reusable filters:

  • Conserve fuel
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Lower emissions

5. Reusable Oil Filters Offer More Consistent Performance

A good quality reusable oil filter is:

  • Durable
  • Reliable between oil changes

You want an oil filter that offers consistent performance at least until the next oil change. You can’t always count on disposable oil filters to offer that. With a quality reusable oil filter, you’ll always have the peace of mind that it’ll perform well at all times.

Many of our customers are happy with the consistent performance of their PurePower! oil filters. Here are a few testimonials:

  • Let me tell you what an amazing product– the oil pressure gauge is rock solid on 60 psi which with factory filters was 55 psi, the throttle response is amazing, pulls really good on hills, and mpg increase of 1.1. The filters are really designed well and do a great job – well worth the money!” – Stephen Smallpiece, ERB Trucking
  • I have the PurePower! oil, fuel and transmission filters on my Duramax truck. I picked up 2-3 mpg and my truck has more power!” – Frank Feikema
  • We have PurePower! filters on our trucks, ATV’s and tractors. After installing the PurePower! filter on my TL-80A farm tractor, it started faster and runs much quieter. Many thanks!” – William Woods